What are martial arts?

Hier ein Beitrag eines hoch geschätzten Freundes aus Italien.
Freundlicherweise hat O´Sensei Michele Pisante den Beitrag in Englisch verfasst,
da unser aller Italienisch wohl eher bescheiden ist.

Danke Michele, das du uns an deinen Gedanken teilhaben lässt !

Dear GrandMaster Uwe and everyone else who will read this words,
I write this short thoughts to you just as I was speaking to my students in the Dojo.

What are martial arts?

Maybe it’s because I was born in a barren, sundrenched, tough land. Maybe because I grew in the roads of a town where boys grow wild, almost at the mercy of people without too many scruples, which you must unfortunately take into account; comparing myself day after day with all this aspects I grew toughening up myself. Maybe it was the loss of my parents, a wound on my heart which draw a furrow so deep that my memory sometimes makes me question myself about the hard times the life imposes sometimes.

In all this scenery, I had the luck of meeting in a city like Foggia my Master Franco Pappani. It’s thanks to him and his teachings that I started to enter in the world of martial arts, world that gave me a new view in life and also, I dare to say, a new life.

I learnt values which now are indelible from my conscience such as the loyalty to my relatives and my friends, the integrity in thinking, speaking, and actions, the rectitude that the path of Martial Arts asks to have, e others that I cannot list without being immodest.

Now I am in a small Dojo with some students, who, GrandMaster Uwe, I do not call “my” students because I feel like a member of this family, too. After forty years of Martial Arts I sometimes look behind to watch the path I have already walked, and it reminds me of my barren land, but also this has a positive side, thanks to the teachings I received from a few other Masters. Because in nowadays not all the so-called Masters are really Masters, rather the majority of them are boasters and dishonest mans, and do not belong to the world of Martial Arts. I dare to say this because many times I unmasked them, and I did it with pleasure.

Why? Because I love martial arts, I can say I feed on them, they are a big part of my life, a teaching of life. The Martial Arts are a school which continues to grow, a school in which I study day after day and this study means obtain knowledge about the other people, understand their needs, study the sense of justice that we have within and the usage we make of it: a bad use of the techniques is not Martial Arts, is just mere violence. No respect in it. I said I love martial arts and that is true, it is a strong part of me.

O`Sensei Michele Pisante, Italy

Zur Person

Michele Pisante

geb. 1958

Mariano Comense Italien


10.Dan Inazuma – Self-defense
9.. Dan Aiki Ju Jujitsu
7.Dan Dan Aikido

Master Franco Pappani
Master Antonio Zaira
Master Giovanni Filippini
Master Federico Aquilotti
Master Ettore Milanesi

Carlo Luciano Foralosso
Renato Bosich

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